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New print: Oddicombe

Meet my latest illustration: introducing Oddicombe beach in Babbacombe, Torquay. I’ve captured the view from the snaking cliffside road, showing a first glimpse of the beach through the trees.

illustration of Oddicombe beach in Torquay, coastal art print

The story behind the illustration

I initially took some snaps from this spot back in 2018, back when I first started drawing local landscapes. It wasn’t until early 2022 that I actually created a sketch, as previously I’d considered the view too ‘ordinary’. However, following the restrictions of covid lockdowns, I found myself fuelled by a renewed appreciation for the natural environment.

It was another 18 months before I pursued this one again, revisiting the spot in summer 2023 to create new sketch and check out the plants and flowers that grow there. I took a break from actively promoting Hillfolk in2023, so this new sketch was destined to remain in my book for another six months.

Fast forward to 2024 and I started with a fresh enthusiasm and creative focus. I spent many evenings adding the details, working out how to simplify shapes and arrange the leaves and flowers like puzzle pieces.


I get asked this A LOT at craft fairs! So much so that I’ve now started taking my ipad to events so people can watch me work on my illustrations. It’s really helped! 🎨 Digital art does have a bit of a rep as ‘cheating’ as there are plenty of pics out there that have been made by tracing photos or adding some whizzy filter at the click of a button. But thats not how I work. I’m a bit old school, starting with a research trip and prep sketches, then moving on to a rough colourlayout. This illustration probably took about 30 hours, but I’m hoping the final result and level of detail reflects this! . #ukillustrator #digitalfineart #coastalartist #landscapeartist #natureartist #illustratorsontiktok #tiktokart #fypart #artprocess #illustrationart #artprint

♬ In The Forest (Acoustic Indie No Copyright) – Instrumental – Lesfm & Olexy

I’m really happy with the end result, and thrilled that Three Degrees West (the cafe on Oddicombe beach) has agreed to display my print too!

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