Illustrator Beth Hill at a craft fair

Meet the artist

I’m Beth Hill, owner of Hillfolk Illustration.  I’m so lucky to live in beautiful Torbay and find the coastal landscape so inspiring! From long sandy beaches to secret coves, and the coastal paths that connect them all, the views are breathtaking any time of year. My particular interest is in the plants and flowers that grow in our coastal landscape.
I have a degree in Fine Art and trained as an Art teacher,  but my main career for the past 20 years has been as a graphic designer. Over the years, I’ve learned to combine the skills I have through my day job with my traditional art training. Although I created my earlier illustrations on my computer, I now prefer to sketch on my iPad with an Apple Pencil, as it comes the closest to ‘real’ drawing.
People often ask if I create my illustrations from photos (as there are some clever computer programmes around nowadays!) I can assure you there is no tracing or filters. You can tell that by the way cheat with the perspective! I tend to start with a pencil sketch, which I then bring into an app called Adobe Illustrator. This lets me create layers for each element of the illustration and I gradually build up the view.
My work has appeared on the BBC show DIYSOS, and I’ve been featured in the English Riviera Magazine. I am also a Geopark Ambassador Artist, and was commissioned by Artizan Gallery to create an illustration of Beacon Cove, which is displayed at the beach itself.

I hope you enjoy looking through my work. I’m always looking for new places to capture, so if you have somewhere you would like to see please get in touch!

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