About me

Hi I’m Beth Hill, artist and owner of Hillfolk Illustration. I always wanted to make a living doing something creative, and initially studied Fine Art at uni, before training as an Art teacher and eventually settling into a career as a graphic designer 15 years ago. Nowadays I work as the lead creative for a local authority.

I was born and grew up on a farm in the nearby village of Shaldon, and after uni I returned to live by the sea. As a child, I remember going out and sitting in the fields amongst the cattle drawing the view – it was such a magical place.

I have always felt happiest amongst natural surroundings, and love nothing better than a walk in the countryside or along the coast.

I’ve been inspired by my love of the natural landscape to create a new series of illustrations. With plants and flowers as the focus, I aim to reveal some of my favourite places in and around my hometown.

Although I started painting in oils and acrylics, my career in graphic design has meant that my work has taken a new direction. Nowadays my computer is my canvas, using a digital stylus and design software to ‘paint’ my pictures.

I hope  you enjoy looking through my work. I’m always looking for new places to capture, so if you have somewhere you would like to see please get in touch!



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